Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make a hack for the game, X?
Yes , we can.  First, you need to make a request through Support, we will try to make a hack for you!

2. How to Download Files?
You just need to fill out a quick survey to download files on our website. It’s totally free to fill out a survey. If there is no survey available for your country, then we can do nothing.

3. I completed the survey, but it didn’t unlock?
Try clearing all you cookies. Then create a new email address and try the survey again using the new email. Also make sure you’re not using fake information , as the surveys have ways to detect it. Also mobile/cell phones offers are the easiest to complete and work all the time. After completing the survey wait for a few minutes.

4. Why do we need to complete a survey to get access of the downloads?
The download mirror allow us to save bandwidth and at the same time keep our files safe. Server costs is very high due to the high traffic we get. Also we are not using an US host, so the cost of the server is much higher. The revenue earned from surveys allow us to pay for the cost and continue creating/uploading hacking programs for you guys to use.

5. It didn’t worked. What should i do?
You need to wait until we update the hack. But don’t forget there are some difficulties to make this hack. We can’t hack games in 1 hour or 1 day. So please respect us before judging about non-working hacks. Its fully normal situation that our hacks can be detected by game owners because thousands of people download and use them.

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